Nintendo Switch non legge la cartuccia | Correzione dell'errore “Inserisci la scheda di gioco”

Do you always blow into the cartridge slot of your Nintendo Switch when you can’t read the game card? Nintendo specifically issued a statement reminding users that if they encounter a reading issue, it is not recommended to clean the cartridge slot with a cotton swab and, even more strongly, not to blow air with your mouth! Blowing air with your mouth can cause saliva to adhere to the sensor parts, leading to rust or corrosion and potentially severe consequences.

When playing on a Nintendo switch console and you find that the inserted game card can’t be read, what do you usually do? Nintendo advises against the following actions, as they not only fail to clean the cartridge slot but may also damage the console.

Some people may think that excessive dust inside the slot is the issue, so they use a cotton swab to clean it. However, Nintendo states that using a cotton swab in the cartridge slot can likely damage the reading sensor components.

Furthermore, from the past until now, many people have directly blown air with their mouths, attempting to blow out the dust from the cartridge slot. However, Nintendo strongly warns against doing so because the moisture from your breath can adhere to the components, causing rust or corrosion.

Nintendo recommends that all players, if facing a reading issue with the game cartridge slot, use methods like a vacuum cleaner to “suck out” the dust, which is the correct and proper way to handle it.

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