Latest News: Apple Plans to Launch the Fourth Generation of iPhone SE 4 in 2025, Sporting a Similar Design to iPhone 14 and Exciting Updates with a Larger Display.

iPhone SE 4 Likely to Use Modified iPhone 14 Chassis - MacRumors

The previous SE series has maintained the style of iPhone 8, but the upcoming model will bring about changes. According to MacRumors, rumors suggest that the fourth generation of iPhone SE (codenamed D59 or ‘Ghost’) will adopt a full-screen design similar to recent iPhone models, eliminating Touch ID. Additionally, it will weigh approximately 6 grams lighter than iPhone 14, weighing only 165 grams.

iPhone SE 4:传闻显示与iPhone 14 类似的设计! -

The fourth generation of iPhone SE shares a similar design with iPhone 14 but with a reduced weight, primarily due to its single 48-megapixel camera, setting it apart from the iPhone 14 series. Both iPhone 14 and SE 4 will offer a Midnight Black color option, as confirmed by leaked prototype images of the iPhone SE 4.

When will iPhone SE 4 be released? Expected release date, specs, and more

In terms of appearance, iPhone SE 4 follows the trend of iPhone 15, featuring a USB-C connector and replacing the mute switch with an Action button. As the release date is still some time away, there are still many rumors to be confirmed, and the final product specifications will be announced by Apple officially.

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