The PS5 Slim will be launched in the United States in November, and will subsequently be released in other regions. Of course, with Etopia, you don’t have to go to the US to get your hands on it!

The PS5 Slim has reduced its size by over 30% compared to the original PS5, with the weight of the disc version reduced by 18% and the digital version even lighter by 24%! The design retains its sleek and futuristic curves, but the side panels are divided into two sections with different textures. The upper half features a glossy finish, while the lower half is a matte texture. Most of the hardware specifications remain unchanged, except for the increase in the internal SSD capacity from 825GB to 1TB.

The new PS5's detachable disc drive reportedly needs an internet connection for setup - The Verge

The disc version of the PS5 Slim features a removable Ultra Blu-ray disc drive. This means that if you initially purchase the digital version, you can still separately purchase a disc drive (official price: $79.99, approximately HK$625) and install it.

Here's The Australian Prices For The New PS5 Slim, Disc Drive + Vertical Stand

As for the stand, while a horizontal stand will still be included, if you want to use a vertical stand (with a silver circular frame), you will need to purchase it separately (price: $29.99, approximately HK$236). Sony has mentioned that the current models will continue to be sold until they are sold out, after which the Slim version will become the only PS5 model available. PS5 Slim more than just “lose weight”?

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