Introducing Apple Vision Pro: Apple's first spatial computer - Apple (HK)

The software update support information released by Apple Vision Pro on revealed that its head-mounted device will have three battery models. The update detailed the battery pack models for Vision Pro, making it easier for the backend to identify which firmware version is needed for specific hardware configurations.

Twitter leaker “Aaronp613” pointed out that the battery model for Apple Vision Pro is A2781. However, the firmware also references two other Vision Pro battery models, namely A2988 and A2697.

Currently, it is unclear what this signifies. The additional models could be referring to batteries manufactured according to different country standards. Additionally, the three models may indicate three different battery capacities.

During WWDC 2023, Apple stated that the battery for Apple Vision Pro cannot be easily removed from the head-mounted device. The battery features a USB-C port for charging and directly powering the Apple Vision Pro.

Vision Pro battery appears to be swappable, with the original cable

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